COVID-19 Resources

The information and links provided below are a compilation of resources that may assist you in addressing a COVID-19 related legal issue. The information on this page is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. It is always best to consult an attorney about your legal rights and responsibilities in your particular case.

Best Practices Guide

Representing Yourself and Using Remote Technology with the Courts

Answering Your Legal Questions

  1. Florida Courts Help – Website with information about local self-help centers, free and low-cost legal aid, and family law forms.
  2. Florida Free Legal Answers – Website to ask a lawyer a legal question about a non-criminal matter for free.
  3. Florida Bar Foundation Legal Aid Program Finder – Search by county for a legal aid program that provides free legal assistance for non-criminal matters.
  4. Florida Court and Florida Clerk Self-Help Centers – County list of court and clerk self-help programs to assist self-represented litigants resolve family law cases.
  5. Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service – A public service designed to make it easy for consumers to connect to trusted, verified attorneys.
  6. Florida Law Help – Ability to select your legal issue, answer a few questions, and be directed to helpful resources.

Official Court Forms and Court, Clerk, and Bar Information

  1. Florida Court Forms – A library of official Florida court forms organized by category.
  2. Florida Courts – Updates on COVID-19 issues impacting local courts.
  3. Florida Supreme Court – Links to emergency court orders detailing the statewide emergency response to COVID-19 and a list of local court closures.
  4. Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers – Florida court clerk updates related to COVID-19.
  5. Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (find a clerk) – Clerk directory by county with website links.
  6. The Florida Bar – General information and legal resources for Floridians affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Specific Legal Issues

  1. Re-employment Assistance – Electronic System, Paper Form, Information, and Governor’s Executive Order
  2. Eviction – Forms, Information, and Governor’s Executive Order
  3. Bankruptcy – Forms and Information
  4. Domestic Violence – Forms, Court Information, and General Information
  5. Custody / Dependency – Forms and Information
  6. Guardianship – Forms and Information
  7. Power of Attorney – Statutes and Information
  8. Healthcare Advanced Directives – Forms and Information

General Fraud Alert; Obtain Information; File Complaints

Beware of scams. Common COVID-19 scams include: robocalls or other callers trying to collect financial information, scam websites offering “employment,” vaccines or at-home test kits, fake donation pages, and relief pages promising mortgage/rent help. Use only reputable vendors and be careful when sharing your personal information.

  1. Consumer Protection Information from the Attorney General – Information and File a Complaint
  2. Price Gouging Information from the Attorney General – Information and File a Complaint
  3. Financial Fraud Information from the Department of Financial Services – Information and File a Complaint
  4. Scams and Fraud Information from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Information and File a Complaint
  5. Consumer Protection Information from The Florida Bar – Information